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Patchwork Quilted Bags

Patchwork Quilted Bags

Choices Quilts offers Patchwork QuiltHandmade, Hand Quilted, Heirloom Quality by crafting our exclusive pattern into most popular styles Bags! The Bags have same extensive quilt work as our traditional quilts.  Both sides of the Bags have similar patchwork design. Every bag comes with interior zippered pocket for safe keeping valuables. You will love our Patriotic Bag Collection.  Our bags are machine washable.  

Classic Bags (C) are 18" x 15" x 5" and has zippered enclosure on top and one large outside pocket with a velcro  snap-on.  It has two large sturdy handles to fit comfortably on shoulder. Bag comes with interior zippered pocket for safe keeping valuables.  

Hand Bag (HB) are 10" x 12" x 3.5" has two rope handles for carrying in hand or on shoulder.  The Hand Bag has an outside pocket with velcro snap-on. Bag comes with interior zippered pocket for safe keeping valuables.  

Shoulder Tote (S) are 9" x 12" x 5" and has lockable draw string on top and a wide Over Flap with a velcro  snap-on.  Bag can be used as a Backpack with shoulder straps or as a shoulder bag using two top handles. Bag comes with interior zippered pocket for safe keeping valuables.

Every Day Bag (E) 15" x 18" x 5" is a muti-purpose bag with two carrying handles and two top velcro enclosures. Bag comes with interior zippered pocket for safe keeping valuables.

Duffle Bag (D) is 20" wide, 12" high, 12" deep, 100% cotton, patchwork, heirloom quality and hand quilted. Bag is individually designed by crafting our patchwork quilt pattern. The bag has same extensive quilt work as our traditional quilts. Both sides of the bag has similar patchwork design. Inside of Duffle Bag is lined with waterproof fabrics to protect the contents.

Heirloom Quality Quilted products by Choices

  • We make quilts meticulously giving special attention to all steps of quilt making.
  • Finest 100% cotton colorfast plaid fabrics are used.
  • Our Heirloom Quality Quilts have small patches which are pieced together tightly with enough overlap so that they will not come apart, even after years of use.
  • Batting used is 100% surgical quality cotton, and backing is high thread count cotton fabric.
  • All items are intricately hand-quilted.
  • Quilts are machine washable in front load machine with mild detergent.

Tea Dyed Quilts

  • We tea dye all items in your order together with same dye lot, so that tea dye color is same for all matching pieces.
  • Our Tea Dye color is permanent and washable.
  • The size of the tea dyed items is slightly smaller than listed sizes, cotton quilted items will shrink 6% to 8%, due to puckering, during tea dyeing or normal washing.

About Choices Quilts

We have been in business since 1990. Choices Quilts carries over 60 distinct designs and matching quilted accessories. Our quilts are lovingly and meticulously made. Each step from design to completion is given special care and attention. Using an array of plaid fabrics, we create vivid colors in our quilts. Our intricate patterns are created by using numerous small patches, as evident in the pictures on this page. All patches are pieced together with enough overlap so that they do not come part, even after years of use! Finally, each piece is quilted separately to create a rich look. Not only do we have a higher than average number of stitches per inch, but we also do extensive quilting over the entire quilt, making our quilts heirloom quality to pass from generation to generation. Our quilts will and do stand the test of time! 

We are proud to offer the largest selection of tea dyed items. Tea dying is a process that makes the quilted items look antique, thus enhancing its quilting and colors. Tea dyed items are perfect compliments to country and rustic settings. Based on your order, we custom tea dye our quilts. Our tea dying process, developed after extensive research, yields permanent rich color. Just like our regular quilted products, tea dyed items can also be machine washed without any fear of it fading away tea dye all matching pieces of an order so that their tea dye shade and color are identical. 

Our materials receive equal scrutiny. Only the finest cotton plaid fabrics are used. Our fabrics are hand selected for their rich color. We use lots of different fabrics to make a single quilt. The Primitive Star quilt, our #1 selling design, has 39 different fabrics. Even the batting material is 100% bonded surgical cotton, and the quilt backing is a high thread count cotton fabric. All patches are thoroughly tested for color fastness, allowing our quilts to be machine washed. None of the colors run or fade.